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3 Sustainability tips for your home garden

by Rossi Real Estate Services LLC 10/16/2022

If you’re interested in ways to live more sustainably, one of the best places to start is your home garden. There are plenty of sustainable gardening methods that are simple, inexpensive and benefit your garden while reducing your environmental impact. No matter what type or size of garden you have, there are ways you can make it more sustainable.

Compost your food & garden waste

By composting, you can feed your home garden with DIY fertilizer while putting your organic food waste to good use. Save your kitchen scraps like eggshells, vegetable peels and coffee grounds to turn into nutrient-rich soil conditioner. You can also use your gardening waste like weeds, grass clippings and fallen leaves for compost.

Plant carefully

Choosing native plants for your home garden is another sustainable gardening practice you should consider. Native plants are already adapted to your local climate and environmental conditions, meaning they’ll flourish with less effort while supporting the ecosystem.

You can also use plants with natural pest control properties to avoid using synthetic pesticides and other harsh chemicals.

Conserve & recycle water

Water is a precious resource and necessary for happy gardens. However, there are ways you can be a more sustainable gardener with your water usage. The first thing you can do is try reducing your watering schedule, so your plants only get a drink when they really need it. This will help you save water and prevent overwatering your more sensitive plants.

Collecting and using rainwater is another excellent way to make your garden more sustainable. Even if you don’t live in a particularly rainy area, you can save up extra water runoff to use in your garden when you need it. You can purchase full rainwater collection systems, or simply have a barrel or bucket by your downspout to gather surplus.

The most sustainable gardens are efficient and make the most of the resources available, including recycled resources like water and composted nutrients. If you want to have a more sustainable garden at home, these are some great ways to start.

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